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laserlyte laser trainer product review

  • Best Laser Targets & Ammo for Dry-Fire Training
  • October 2017
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Sample from Article:

Looking for the best way to dry-fire train at home using your own gun?

Training with laser cartridges that fit in your real firearm might be the key.

You get to use your actual trigger and also immediately see where you hit…without having to go to the range or spend money on ammo.

It’s a no-brainer if you’re serious about your trigger pull.

We’ll help you choose the best laser cartridge plus the best targets since…we’ve used them all.

LaserLyte Cartridge

The best known laser cartridge comes from Laserlyte.  My 9mm cartridge has been chugging past 5,000 dry-fires.

And when the back end rubber “primer” finally wore out from being hit by my striker/firing-pin…Laserlyte sent me a replacement for free.

It fits well in all my handguns and the o-rings are solid.

A little pricey at first glance…but think of all the ammo you will save.  Say 20 cents a pop for 9mm…I would have spent $1000 already!

laserlyte laser trainer target review

  • Review: Laserlyte Laser Training System
  • May 2017 
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Sample From Article:

I must admit, I never really saw the value in the LaserLyte training system prior to me having a chance to really spend some time with several components of the system. First I got the Laserlyte Quick Tyme targetand full-size pistol and found it hard to work it into anything useful, it quickly got relegated to an office toy and wasn’t used for any meaningful training. It wasn’t until I received more components of the training system that I fully realized the potential of the laser targets and training pistols.

The Quick Tyme target is rather simple and isn’t much useful past an office toy for experienced shooters or basic instruction for new shooters, specifically kids. The target has two modes, the first is a ‘target shooting’ mode where you take aim at the bullseye, take several shots, and hit the start/display area with the laser to see the ‘impacts’. This mode can be used to teach sight alignment, zeroing the pistol, and working on trigger pull with new shooters. The other mode that I feel is much more useful is the timed mode. When used in conjunction with other Laser Tyme components it gives you a clock that counts the time between the start beep and the first impact on the laser bullseye.